2nd Renaissance or War of the Worlds

This was the title of a presentation I gave at the Co-Summit of ITEA and ARTEMIS on 4 December 2013. Below is a summary of the presentation. More material, also on ITEA project SCALARE can be downloaded from here.

2nd Renaissance or War of the Worlds?
– A Perspective for SCALARE –

“Embedded Systems Rule” – this statement rings true if we look at how far we have come from the small pieces of software code embedded in the lunar landing module of Apollo 11 in 1969. Today’s smart phones are mobile computing devices many orders more powerful than the lunar lander. The driver for much of the growth of computing, and thus the growth of embedded systems, is based on Moore’s Law, which, in turn, is founded upon advances in the physics underlying chip technology.

We postulate, however, that it is “software” that “infected” and conquered traditional industries and reshaped many of them beyond recognition. As an example we take one of the most prominent industries originating from Europe, and one of the most conservative: automotive.

We explore the growth of software in the automotive industry from controlling drivers in individual components (“software in the car”) to the “software car” with 120 ECUs and over 150m lines of code, and now to the “connected car”. Within the context of the Internet of Things and Services the “connected car” will be a powerful mobile computing platform. Who will build it and how? Will it be those companies whose dominance originates in the second industrial revolution? Can their product world based on – fragile – high-tech and IP orientation be transformed into platforms for eco-systems, which thrive on expansion and change? Or will “new players” from the software world fill that gap? What are the challenges at technological level, at organizational level within and across company boundaries? Will those mastering these aspects win the “War of the Worlds”?

Or will society come to realise that the advantages of the Internet of Things and Services are to make Industry 4.0 human centred? Technology and machine as extension of man, rather than man as a cog in the greater scheme of things, will allow facilitate building “anti-fragile” eco-systems. We have the ingredients of a 2nd Renaissance. Using the example of the automotive industry we explore what is necessary to let go of outdated paradigms, which prevent the transition into the 2nd Renasissance. These barriers and their elimination is what the SCALARE project is concerned with.

About Hans-Jürgen

I am Chief Scientist of Kugler Maag Cie GmbH, an independent, international consulting company, specialising in the improvement of business and product development processes – from analysis, consultancy, and operative implementation to training and coaching. Most customers work in the context of emerging critical systems, such as automotive and transport. These require leading edge techniques to be deployed and organizational readiness for future challenges to be established. I have 35 years of experience in the software determined systems sector. As adjunct Professor, University of Limerick, I was Industry Director of Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, which I helped to establish. Previously I was a lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, a director of software product and services companies, and Technical Director of the European Software Institute. I was involved in the design of means for industry-wide competence development in the automotive sector, and I conducted the first independent organizational software development capability assessment in the automotive industry in Germany. In my opinion the key competitive factor of the future will be a personal and organisational ability to embrace rapid change of the ecosystem and to proactively and continuously implement sustainable change. I have an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Dortmund and an M.A. of Trinity College Dublin. In 1986 I was awarded the IFIP Silver Core.
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2 Responses to 2nd Renaissance or War of the Worlds

  1. John Flora says:

    Funny that you should make an allusion to the Second Renaissance in this blog. I self-published an eBook on Amazon with the same title last Summer. It’s titled “The Second Renaissance” by John Flora.

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