Comparing the 1st and the 2nd Renaissance

What have we learnt so far? The 1st Renaissance was, and the 2nd Renaissance will be, turbulent times, times of change. The 1st Renaissance transitioned from the Middle Ages to modern time. During the Middle Ages human fate was thought to be inextricably linked to suffering — with a focus on death and afterlife. The 1st Renaissance shifted the focus to life and human potential, changes can still be felt today. When we look at what is already unfolding at the beginning of the 2nd Renaissance, we see the potential for similar upheaval — the transition from the post-modern industrial society to the new connected society. Chris’ contribution is a plea to emphasize the human aspect in this apparently so technologically driven 2nd Renaissance. He describes transitions he observed from a personal vantage point. In the following contribution we will start to try to link the individual and the societal perspective.

The 1st Renaissance and the 2nd Renaissance both represent transitions that can only be categorized as major upheavals. Additionally we maintain that these transitions are linked to a higher common model of societal development. Once again, we will discover commonalities between the two Renaissances.

We will see that the model does not necessarily “by default” lead to a “perfect” and harmonious world. Again, we can use historical reflection what we need to pay attention to. We believe that there is significant potential to influence the shape of the new connected society. Can we find out what we have to tune?

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